“A True Definition Of Beauty Without Brains,” Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase sent a direct message to Quavo, a member of the American rap group Migos. This made Twitter very angry. This comes after the shocking news that another member of the group, Takeoff, had died.


People on Twitter have called Mihlali Ndamase names like “attention seeker” and “clout chaser” because she messaged someone who had just lost his brother. People on Twitter call Ndamase a “beauty without brains,” and they want her dead.

Ndamase posts a direct message (DM) to Amigos member Quavo on Instagram. In her message, Ndamase asked Quavo how he was doing after Takeoff’s death. She did this in a language that most people speak. Ndamase “The True Definition of Beauty Without Brains”

“what was the reason for mihlali posting this?¿” wrote Griffiths

Ndamase is not the most popular person on Twitter right now, and for her “senseless and insensitive” act, people have called her “beauty without brains.” The angry Twitter users think that Ndamase gets away with some of her mistakes on social media and is rarely held accountable for them.

“Sometimes I wonder if not even ONE of Mihlali’s many friends khuza her when she does weird / distasteful things like this Or do they all kikiki with her and feed into the delusion that we are all haters, because she’s their grootman?” wrote Bitterswit

“Mihlali chasing clout using Quavo’s name and his “brother”s death is the lowest of the low. Now Quavo must see SA Media writing articles about him and Mihlali he does not know during such a difficult time for him” wrote Surprise

“Mihlali is just weird af… at this point it should have been her and not TAKEOFF cause we really don’t need bird brains like this hun in this world Nota was right… someone wipe her out” wrote Bronze King

“Mihlali Ndamase is a true definition of Beauty without brains..” wrote Chris Excel

Tweeps are convinced that Mihlali Ndamase is moving funny since gossip blogger Musa Khawula is no longer around to give her all the attention she needs.

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