Are Trevor Noah & Thuso Mbedu Dating?

Not after international actress Thuso Mbedu declared on Twitter that she was as single as they come. As a result, rumors about comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and Thuso Mbedu are circulating on social media.


Thuso Mbedu is rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Trevor Noah, a fellow South African who now lives in America, while living her best life in Hollywood.

Recently, the pair appeared on The Daily Show, where Noah is the host, for an interview, sparking speculation that Mbedu and Noah are dating.

“Trevor Noah and Thuso Mbedu are allegedly dating” wrote Lungile Sam

The tweep who has brought the dating rumors forward, continued to claim that by the time everyone realizes that both Mbedu and Noah are indeed an item, it will be a little too late.

“It’ll be too late when you realize that l was right.. l’m not afraid of anyone coming for me, l just don’t have time to reply” wrote Lungile Sam

Meanwhile other tweeps are certainly not buying to these dating rumors. As they have rubbished the claims but inserting that Trevor Noah does not like ‘black woman’. However, an argument came to play while tweeps were debating Noah’s choices and preferences with women.

“I know it’s lies cos Trevor doesn’t like blk women” wrote Que Or Something

“Dude stop telling us about rubbish of a nobody Trevor Noah who couldn’t get white girls back then and had no option but to date Salmina” wrote It Os Samhere

“Trevor has dated black women before” wrote Mohlala Mokgadi

“He literally used to walk the red carpet with his black girlfriend when he still lived in SA. Plus it’s public knowledge that uke wa shela uSamkelo Ndlovu. It’s really not as impossible as you’ve been programmed to believe” wrote Lady Upendi

Another tweep came to drop a major bomb while speculating that the reason why Trevor Noah and Thuso Mbedu won’t be an item, is because Noah is allegedly gay.

“Isn’t Trevor Noah Gay though, am asking” wrote Staan Ross


“That is something that I am busy investigating. My suspicion is closeted gay” wrote It Is Samhere

Neither Noah or Mbedu have dignified the rumors with a response.

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