Sithelo Shozi’s Goes To Court!

The long-awaited court case between DJ Sithelo Shozi and Andile Mpisane got underway Tuesday at an unnamed Durban court. Sithelo Shozi confirmed the report by responding to one of her fans, confirming that she was actually in court yesterday.


Sithelo Shozi appeared in court yesterday with Andile Mpisane and maybe Shauwn Mkhize in response to Sithelo Shozi’s charges of gender-based assault against Andile Mpisane. After tweeps claimed that Sithelo Shozi’s sudden wealth was paid for by Shauwn Mkhize in order to hush her about the court case.

Sithelo Shozi was unafraid to dismiss rumors that she is being bribed to remain silent about the charges of abuse and threats leveled against Andile Mpisane. Sithelo resorted to Twitter to clear the air after being asked about the petition to obtain her a protective order against Andile Mpisane.

“I feel the need to respond to this as I’m the one who asked the public for assistance for that petition & I’ve noted various people thinking I’ve been bribed to clear everything. False. GBV is a serious matter in this country and I will stand by my truth to the very end” wrote Sithelo Shozi

Shozi’s eagerness to convey the news of her case could only mean that things turned out in her favor. When another tweep asked how the court went, Shozi was overjoyed to inform that she was in court and that no one was bribing her for her quiet.

“Today’s the 31st, was your case heard and the protection order granted? @sithelo_shozi” wrote Mrs Baby

Shozi has been gracious enough to keep some of her admirers and following updated on her court case. Shozi stated that she owed it to her followers and the general public because they were the same individuals who assisted her with the petition signatures that were heard by the court.

“I was definitely in court this morning. Nobody will EVER pay me off” wrote Sithelo Shozi

Last week Shauwn Mkhize was also accused of allegedly paying off people to write bad story about Sithelo Shozi to only defamed and tarnish her image ahead of the court case.

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