Red Bull’s Annual Box Cart Race Was Held In Cape Town

On November 6, Red Bull held its annual Box Cart Racing event in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood of Cape Town. The event was free and full of color because of where it was held.


In 2000, the Red Bull Box Cart Race began in Belgium. Since then, it has spread all over the world and now has more than 100 events.

For the South African leg, people had to build a cart that didn’t have a motor so they could race down a hill and try to become the 2022 Red Bull Box Cart Champion.

Even though it was hot, a lot of people came to see who would win and cheer on the competitors.

Here’s what you missed if you weren’t able to go:

The judges for the Redbull Box cart racing were all famous people. This was done by Nasty C, a rapper, and Courtnae Paul, a b-girl.

Nasty C went to a Red Bull Box Cart race for the first time. He posted this on Instagram when he said he would be one of the judges for the race day.

The winner of the event was decided by how creative the cart was, how well it looked before the event, and how fast it went down the hill. There was a hole in the path that most riders were able to get around. On the way down, one or more drivers may have lost a wheel and a steering wheel. Oops!

For something to be epic, it needs music. Gremlin, the South African DJ champion, was the official DJ for the day of the race.

The day can only be described as EPIC! On Instagram , Redbull shared winners known as the @thepotjieboytjies who took home the Red Bull Box Cart Race 2022 title 🏆. Not only did they race down with the fastest time but they did that in a potjie pot! Congratulations

Here are just a couple of memories shared by those who attended the Red Bull Box Cart race. One’s thing for sure, if you missed it you’ll want to be there next year. Nasty C can’t wait for 2023 Red Bull Box Cart race either!

BMW Century City also turned up to participate in the race but did not make it to the finish line. At least they stole their show with their amazing box cart before losing the bonnet!

Team Morning Glory came ready for the day too! Very creative outfits

Let’s not forget about the skaters who left a lasting appearance with their epic halftime performance during the day of the races


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