Outraged Twitter Users Slam Tlale For Denying The Rape Claims

After fashion mogul David Tlale denied the sexual and rape claims made against him, Twitter was very angry. Since then, Tlale has gone on Instagram to say that the rape claims are “categorically false” and that they are not true at all.


People on Twitter are also reminded that this is not the first time that David Tlale has been accused of raping or sexually assaulting someone. As they remember some of the times in the past when similar accusations were made against him, but the media never paid attention to them.

“A lot of gay men get away with a lot of disrespectful, dehumanizing, cruel and evil things especially against women bcz they are gay. David tlale raped a lil girl and not even one of the “feminist” celebrities said a thing. If it was a regular we’d be taking a different story” wrote Will Dunhill

“Not the first time David Tlale being accused of such but hee it is David he’ll get away with it akere” wrote Anele Booi

“When you are busy waiting for ” his side of the story”, remember this is not the first person to accuse DAVID TLALE of such violations. Were there is smoke there is definitely fire” wrote Shibe Mmokgotho

People on Twitter don’t seem to be buying what David Tlale is selling after he denied the rape claims against him. Over the weekend, a young aspiring fashion designer went on social media to complain about the fashion mogul.

“This is the reason why rape victims of the well known keep quiet and don’t open a case. That “Consult with team of Experts” is so loud while you are a nobody who will depend on legal aid lawyers. Already you have lost the case because money talks …. Its sickening. David Tlale” wrote Nceby Cbu

Tweeps are divided as well, with some claiming that Tlale will not face the cancel culture given his social standing and prominence. Meanwhile, some Twitter users have made comparisons between Tlale and media personality and reality TV star Somizi Mhlongo. Who has previously been accused of sexual assault but has never faced the music?

“David Tlale and Somizi are here to show us that rape is a serious crime in South Africa that gets you cancelled unless you gay..” wrote Chris Excel

“Somizi’s fan base is mostly heterosexuals, especially heterosexual women. David Tlale is LOVED and protected by heterosexuals, especially the ones who are looking for freebies. Now why are y’all pretending like these men are shielded by the queer community????” wrote Nampree

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