Nota Baloyi Says He Is The Next Mayor Of Joburg

Exotic music excites Nota Baloyi has stated unequivocally that he will be the next mayor of Joburg. Nota has a reputation for being outspoken on social media, and he does not mince words when trolling people.


Taking to Twitter Nota said “I’m the Next Mayor of Joburg, for now I’m cleaning up my city on my own mandate!”

Somizi Mhlongo was recently dragged by Nota for being dirty. He even asked what happened to the case that Fikile Mbalula had brought against Somizi for not following disaster management rules. In 2020, Somgaga got in trouble because of his joke about being locked up.

After saying that Mbalula told him about the extension, he did this. Nota says that Fikile pretended to file a case against Somizi when he didn’t.

“Somizi is a sex offender with naked pictures of God & just like me he is above the law… We don’t even know what happened to the case that @MbalulaFikile was pretending to open against him at the Sandton Police station. What was the case number & what’s the progress with it? LOL!,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time Nota has pulled Somizi along. After he was put back on Idols SA, he talked about him in a very bad way. Niota wrote an open letter to SomG in which he said that he was like R Kelly and Dave Chappelle, both of whom have been banned from social media.

“Fortunately this time around, the contestants will be auditioning online so there’s no threat that they will come face to face with a convicted sex offender with predatory tendencies unless they make it to the golden ticket stage or should it be the golden shower stage ala-R Kelly.”

Nota claimed Somizi was not cancelled because he is part of the LGBTQI Community. “Accountability culture has been slow moving in from the LGBTQ community with the same swiftness they pounce on black men who have committed cancellable offences.”

He continued “Somizi on the other hand was forced to take a break from judging the previous season of Idols SA after his estranged husband Mohale Motaung, made allegations that he had been a victim of abuse and attempted murder, after being driven off the road following an argument that the lovers had that took a turn for the worst.

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