What Do You Know About Busta 929 Girlfriend?

Busta 929, known for his energetic music, is one of South Africa’s most accomplished social media stars, entrepreneurs, and musicians. As one of the most popular social media stars, he has had his fair share of scandals and controversies.


Born Mfana Thupa Midrand, Gauteng, between 1987 and 1990, Busta 929 has established himself as a jack of all trades in the South African entertainment industry. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ, producer, entrepreneur, and social media sensation. He also owns the Thupa industry, a clothing line that creates and sells outfits at reasonable prices.

And, while Busta 929’s career appears to be thriving, his personal life is a different story. The musician has been embroiled in several love-life scandals, with tabloids fabricating the story that Busta 929’s girlfriend is an underage girl.

But are the whispers true? Here’s everything you need to know about Busta 929’s girlfriend, the pregnancy scandal in which he was involved, and all the juicy details about his spicy love life.

Who is Busta 929’s girlfriend?

The identity of Busta 929’s girlfriend at the time of publishing this article is not available and it is not clear if he is currently dating or even if he is in any serious romantic relationship.

Around May this year (2022), Busta found himself under public scrutiny over damning allegations. According to several reports online, he was alleged to have impregnated a teenager. The girl he allegedly impregnated is reportedly a 17-year-old still in high school.

Later on, the young lady alleged to be Busta 929’s girlfriend came up to clear the air and deny claims that she was underage and clarified that she was 19 years of age after netizens suggested she looked underage when a photo surfaced of her with Busta kissing her. Even after her revelation, many were still left to wonder why he seems to have a liking for girls way younger than he is.

It was not the first time Busta was alleged to have been involved with underage girls with people on social media once nearly canceling him completely due to similar allegations.

These allegations were loudest in 2021 when a video of Busta in the company of seemingly very young girls in his house leaked online. There followed serious public outrage with many calling him out for alleged pedophile-like behavior.

He was also recently spotted getting cozy with one of Young Stunna’s girlfriends at an event he was deejaying. It raised eyebrows on social media with Mzansi wondering if he now has his eyes on her.

It is fair to say Busta’s love life is a very complicated one filled with controversy and scandals. The star keeps on changing his girlfriends with most of them quite younger than him.

With the kind of money and influence he enjoys in the entertainment scene in South Africa, you can see why a lot of these girls warm up to him and it is unclear if he has plans of eventually settling down and having a family.

Busta 929’s background

As far as we know, he is from a Christian background and studied for his undergraduate degree at The University of Johannesburg.

Busta 929 is known to collaborate with other rappers and singers to come up with energetic songs that are more often than not hits. In 2021, he released two albums titled Undisputed and Undisputed Vol 2. A lot of his songs have ruled the airwaves over the years.

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