Faith Nketsi-Njilo: “I High Key Want Another Baby”

Faith Nketsi-Njilo, the unapologetic reality TV star, has admitted to wanting another child in her marriage. Nketsi-Njilo expressed her desire for another bundle of joy, preferably a baby boy, to be Sky’s sibling on Twitter.


Faith Nketsi-Njili, the new wife and mother, must be enjoying motherhood. As she once again admits on Twitter that she and her husband, Nzuzo Njilo, want another child. This is not the first time the Have Faith reality star has admitted to wanting more children.

She had social media on the edge of their seats a month ago when she admitted she wanted another baby. However, the actress has stated that she does not want to become pregnant. Tweeps offered to be her surrogate, but she laughed it off, claiming people would refer to him as Kim Kardashian.

“I high key want a another baby” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

Nketsi-Njilo is adamant on having a baby boy to even the genders, as she already have a beautiful daughter, Sky Njilo. One thing about Nketsi-Njilo is her being unashamedly shy to taking to social media and speak her truth and this baby topic was no exception, because she is famously unapologetic to speaking her mind.

“for Sky to get a little brother” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

Some tweeps are just as excited as Nketsi-Njilo on Twitter as they have urged her to add another bundle of joy, for Sky to have a sibling.

“And its ok motherhood is lekker but u still going to write about aunty” wrote Yvette Raphael

“I say go for it. Ira bana every year until ole satisfied and then focus on mothering all just like how white people do it” wrote Its Reneilwemo

“Make the things that makes the pots to happen Mtase” wrote uMfaziwephepha

Meanwhile some tweeps have encouraged Nketsi-Njilo to have another baby. Other tweeps have reminded her how much she suffered during labor ahead of delivering Sky. As she once shared with her fans her horrific birthing experience.

Two months ago, Faith Nketsi-Njilo relayed some of the hardest times during her pregnancy, as well as her delivery. While most of us thinks she had it easy, well the new mom spilled the contrary. Faith Nketsi-Njilo inserted the challenges and difficulties she faced when she was giving birth to baby Sky Njilo.

“My birthing experience was horrifying. I remember begging for a c-section at 8cm dilated,I still don’t understand why they didn’t do it. Upside: I’m happy I did it naturally, I was up and about like nothing happened the next day. 2nd baby I’m definitely opting for a c-section” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

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