All About Pabi Moloi’s Husband And Their Divorce

Pabi Moloi, one of South Africa’s most respected broadcasters, is one of those well-known names and faces in the country’s entertainment industry who has been in the spotlight for a long time.


Pabi began her career in 2006, and she has been able to grow and broaden her scope of work, as well as her fanbase, over the years.

Pabi Moloi is a television presenter who also works as a radio deejay, a television show host, a radio deejay, and an actress.

Despite being one of South Africa’s most well-known figures, Pabi Moloi has managed to keep her fans in the dark about her personal life.

However, news of drama between Pabi Moloi’s husband Ruan Adams and herself recently made headlines. Pabi Moloi’s husband, marriage, divorce, and child are all covered in this article.

Who is Pabi Moloi’s husband?

Pabi Moloi’s husband, now ex, is Ruan Adams. The two reportedly got married on 30th April 2016 in a traditional wedding ceremony.

It is unclear when and how Pabi Moloi and Ruan Adams met and when they started dating as, during their relationship, the two kept their relationship very private.

Pabi Moloi’s divorce

A year after their very private wedding, Pabi Moloi and her then-husband- Ruan Adams broke up. The reasons for their split have not been revealed although there are speculations that Pabi Moloi’s husband was allegedly unfaithful to her.

Since their separation, Pabi Moloi and her ex-husband Ruan Adams have been engaged in a long court battle with issues such as child custody and property division being the centre of it all.

In 2017, shortly after their split, Ruan Adams and Pabi Moloi trended on social media after Ruan accused Pabi of keeping their child away from him. In the post, Ruan Adam lamented about how he had spent lots of money on lawyers’ fees just to see his son but Pabi had made sure that he couldn’t.

Recently, Pabi Moloi’s separation got messier. According to a report published by Sunday World, Pabi Moloi’s ex-husband issued her with a demand letter expressing his wish to dissolve their marriage.

Ruan Adams is reportedly demanding 50% of Pabi Moloi’s estate claiming that since they married in a community of property when he paid lobola for her in 2016, he is entitled to half of all the property that the two had during their marriage. In addition to that, Pabi Moloi’s ex-husband is also reportedly demanding R8500 monthly spousal support.

Although Pabi Moloi through her lawyer has since denied ever being legally married to Ruan Adams, the old saying that the internet never forgets seems to be working against her.

Recently a photo of Pabi Moloi with her Ruan Adams in matching traditional outfits emerged. The now-deleted post was accompanied by the caption “So many people got married last weekend, even me.”

Pabi Moloi’s children

The beautiful and talented media personality is also a mother of one- a young boy who was born in November 2016.

Pabi who is known for being very private about her personal life shocked netizens in August 2016 when she made her pregnancy reveal. She shared a photo of herself with her colleagues embracing her growing baby bump along with a caption where she expressed how excited she was for the onset of her new journey as a mother.

Since welcoming her little bundle of joy into the world, Pabi Moloi has done her best to keep him away from the public and we can barely find pictures of the little boy online.

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