AKA Loses R6k In Football Betting Over Argentina Vs. Saudi Arabia

Following a football match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, AKA loses R6 000 to betting. The World Cup 2022 has begun, and people were glued to their screens on Tuesday as one of the biggest football stars, Lionel Messi, played for his country.


Many people who enjoy betting bet on Argentina, but many were disappointed when the game ended 2-1.

The South African rapper took to Twitter to express his anguish.

“So you telling me that if I had put that 6k I put on Argentina on SAUDI ARABIA that I’d be sitting with like, 100 thou right now?!?!?!?!”

While the rapper whose real name is Kiernan Forbes is busy nurturing his pain, he hinted at a new song which will be dropping soon, as he’s changed the lemon-coloured profile photos on his social media accounts to red.

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